• Creative strategy
  • Branding
  • Copywriting for main messaging
  • Logo Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Website Concept Design
  • Social Media Concept Design
  • Developing Brand Guidelines


With its focus on helping injured people and restoring their hope for the future, Florida Injury Law Firm is a different kind of law firm, different in a very good way. Among the sea of the typical injury law marketing that sometimes can appear off- putting, Florida Injury Law Firm is excited to stand out through its positive and fresh branding that tells its true purpose. Showing strength and boldness balanced with approachability, Florida Injury Law Firm desires to make a statement that positively influences the industry while defying the traditional lawyer look.

Our hope is that the Florida Injury Law Firm brand becomes the source of revival, inspiration and encouragement to its team members, renewing their purpose to come to work each day by making a difference in people's lives.


Rebrand an injury law firm to inspire the industry by articulating their compassion for people and mission to restore hope for the seriously injured.


The sun logo mark is not only a fresh symbol for the State of Florida, it has a positive message that signifies a source of strength and navigation, restoration of hope, and a brighter future. The Kaleidoscope design speaks of the brand's desire to resonate and call the industry to its true purpose of helping the injured.

Color Palette

This bold nautical Florida color palette starts with a deep ocean navy blue to anchor the firm with strength, then accented with sky blue to represent restoration. Furthermore, the palette is warmed by sunny yellow to speak of the compassion and approachable side of the firm as well as the hope of a brighter future for its clients.


The business cards are designed to stand out from other law firms. With its friendly rounded corners, bold and colorful design, and functional wallet size, even the act of receiving a business card will be memorable and enjoyable for the audience. Letterhead and envelope also are designed to be noticeable in the pile of mail and more stylish than the average firm. The pattern and bold color awakens curiosity in the audience to learn why they are different.

Prefessional Gear

One of the factors we considered as we designed the logo mark was to make it wearable. We wanted to design a mark that people will enjoy and be proud of wearing to work or out and about while representing the firm.

Responsive Web Design

We created the beginning of a web design concept that integrates the brand identity, color palette, messaging and new direction in photography that will really tell the full story and strengthen the brand.

Social Media Design

We consistently relay the brand through main images and messaging across all social media platforms.